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Soft Track Attack
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Fire Information


The Weather Channel was going to do a TV Series on Soft Track Attack and our Family, unfortunately the Government would not grant us our permits to film on wildland fires. This is the Trailer for the show that almost was.


Soft Track Fire Fighting Equipment

Models: CA-200, CA-210, CA-220

Equipped with:
1500 Gallon water tank
remote control water canon
13 horse Honda high pressure water pump (With drafting capabilities)
High volume water pump 350 gal .at 100 psi
CAFS System
2 hose reels, hard line and 3/4″ hose for mop-up
3″ dump valve
Rear spray heads
1″ & 1-1/2″ soft line nozzles and fittings
Rear vision camera backup system and alarm
Off road night lighting system

We have 9 FMC Soft Tracks and 2 Type 1 Skidgines available with transports for a quick response.

The FMC Soft Track Fire Fighter is an exceptional fire fighting machine with the ability to climb a 60% grade with 1500 gallons of water while only having a ground compaction of approx. 6lbs. p.s.i. fully loaded; having a low environmental impact while getting those hard to reach places fast. The FMC Soft Track is a good option when hose lays are long and time consuming, and helicopter time is costly.

These machines are not intended to replace hand crews, but rather to support them, nor are they intended to take the place of engines or helicopters. They fill a gap between where the engines leaves off and where it is not cost effective for a helicopter.

With the CAFS system and the 2″ remote control water cannon. The FMC fire fighter is useful for structure protection and initial attack. Two of these machines have rubber pads on the tracks, so they can be run on pavement.

This equipment has been used very successfully for quick response, mop-up and night patrol on hard to get to fire lines, allowing more control over the fire. The 3″ dump valve serves as a quick way to fill remote portable water tanks for hand crews.

Our operates are Red Card Certified, with their own personal protective gear. Night shift operators are available when requested. Our transports also have team drivers for quick response.

If you wish to order our equipment for your fire suppression needs please order specifically ie. 1500 gallon tank, Apportion Foam system, Water Cannon, etc…

Transport and support Trucks:

Transportation and Support for all FMC Soft Track Fire Fighters.

To Order Now:
Phone – 406-295-5770
Fax – 406-295-5771
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